Travel Dates 2019 // Booking Updates

It’s been a while! Sorry for the lack of commitment to this website guys, life is hectic!

I will be in Nashville next month, January 2019 tattooing as always at my Tennessee home shop, Electric Hand, based in East Nashville, from the 16-19.

I’ll then be headed out to Denver to my friends over at Sol Tribe, guesting there from the 23-26 of next month. I am still booking appointments for my Denver dates, and have a slot or two left in Nashville as well. If interested in making an appointment, please contact me at or fill out a contact form under the “contact” tab on my website.

Finally, because of this few weeks of travel & my completely booked schedule for the remainder of December and January, I am now taking appointments for February & March. For any information please don’t hestitate to email me!

Thanks to you all you send me kind words, emails, and for the continuous support. What I do means the world to me and it would all be nothing without you!

Because I’m awful at updating this, I’ll say happy holidays, happy 2019 & I’ll be updating sometime next year! Be well all!

Peace, love & plants,


The end of one year and the beginning of another

Hello all!

Greetings from Philadelphia! It's the holiday season and things are a bit hectic right now, but this coming year brings many new things. At the end of January I'm planning a trip to Nashville to cater to all of my loyal Nashvillians. In February from the 9th to the 11th I will be back at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention with scarification & APP-certified piercing extraordinaire Johnross Switz, who I'm happy to call my coworker at Mean Street Tattoos in Bensalem, PA. 

I am accepting new clients for the new year and have availability in January. Please contact me via my client inquiries form on my Contact page, or shoot me an email directly at to make an appointment in Nashville, for the Philly convention, or just at the good ol' homestead shop! Always looking forward to making new and exciting tattoos for y'all. Happy holidays, new year & winter solstice to all!



Bigger and better things

I am very happy to announce that I've made Mean Street Tattoos in Bensalem, PA my tattooing residence from here on. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with these people that I've known for such a long time, for much longer than I've even been tattooing. I am both humbled and awed that they would even consider me to join their team, but I couldn't be happier. Come visit me in Bensalem! That said, we are also going to be moving and expanding locations to down Street road, an easy commute off of I-95. 

I am now taking appointments for mid-July and early august, and am planning another trip to Nashville and a short two day trip to Denver, which I am also booking for.  Let me draw on ya!


love and peace, 



I could not be more pleased to announce my soon-to-be West Coast debut!!! And I also can't apologize enough for the amount of exclamation marks I'm using!!! April cannot come quick enough. More details to come, but Kate Irvine soon coming to a Denver & Northern California town near you! 

I am so looking forward to exploring more of our native land and getting to experience some new cities, and of course, tattooing across state lines! Stay tuned for more.

Love & peace, Kate

Edit: Also, the Philly Convention is next weekend (holy shit) and I will have plenty of cool trinkets available for you to add to your collection of trinkets. Patches and pins and stickers and prints, oh my! Swing on through and grab ya some. 

Upcoming Dates

NASHVILLE, TN - Guest spotting at Electric Hand Tattoo in East Nashville, TN 37206 January 16-January 21 • NOW BOOKING • please email me at for inquiries!

PHILADELPHIA TATTOO CONVENTION - February 10-12 • NOW BOOKING • please email me at for availability

Moving Home

In less than a week I will be back in my home state of Pennsylvania. I'm excited for the next part of the journey in a place that's so comforting to me. For tattoo appointments, you will be able to find me at Sink the Ink in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I am available for appointments Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and for walk-ins Sunday, Monday and Thursday. You can email me at or follow the Contact link in the toolbar to send a message! 

I look forward to seeing you all soon.



Website Coming Soon

Hello all! Finally working on getting this website done. Please be patient while I get everything straightened out. Thanks & I look forward to getting this thing up and running!